Englobe takes Health and Safety to heart

July 6, 2021

Englobe takes pride in implementing various initiatives to ensure employees can enjoy a healthy and safe work environment, and sometimes the simplest measures can be the most effective. A prime example of this is our Atlantic team’s Weekly Health & Safety Tip. Each week, Bruce Baird, Vice President, Expertise shares a safety tip with the rest of the region which was prepared by a different staff member. All teams in Atlantic Canada participate voluntarily. From safe driving to food safety to working with ladders in wet weather, every Monday, Englobe’s Atlantic employees can expect to receive Bruce’s tip of the week.

“I believe that the consistency of this approach is what helps keep safety first and foremost in people’s minds, because we all know how easy it is to become complacent when you’re in a routine, day in and day out.” says Bruce, “Some of the tips apply to work in the field or laboratory while others concern safety at home, which speaks volumes about Englobe’s caring nature as an organization.”

Many of the tips are just common sense, like how to avoid slips and falls on staircases. They also carry over into mental health best practices, for instance, thinking positively to foster a more encouraging and happier work environment.

Peter Allaby heads up Englobe’s Atlantic operations and agrees with this approach: “For our employees, seeing a weekly safety tip in their inbox Monday mornings serves as a reminder in black and white. As responsible leaders, it’s our duty to talk with our employees, ask questions, address potentially risky situations – keeping in mind our zero-incident goal.”

With that, today we’d like to share a tip that was presented at Peter’s recent leadership meeting by Ghislain Hachey, Electrical Director for the Atlantic team. It is, indeed, timely as this season’s vacation period kicks off.

Trailer Safety

Whether you’re looking to haul small or heavy loads with your trailer this season, it’s important to consider five key rules of trailer safety:

  1. Ensure your load is well-balanced and does not exceed the weight capacity for the trailer and vehicle to which it is attached.
  2. Make sure your trailer has the right ball size for the hitch so it doesn’t come loose if you hit a bump in the road.
  3. Chains should be in good condition and of adequate length to easily be able to make sharp turns.
  4. Remember to plug in the electrical connections beforehand and verify that the lights are in good working order, as corrosion can build up over time when unused.
  5. Check your tire pressure as guidance states that the pressure should be around 3 ppi more than a regular vehicle’s tires.

“Tips like these may be stating the obvious, but we all know how excited we can get when leaving for that much-needed vacation at the cottage. It’s easy to forget the basic principles of driving safely when carrying an extra load.” added Bruce.

Stay tuned for more staff tips throughout the summer. Until then, have a happy holiday and stay safe!

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